Friday, February 22, 2008

without you

The world feels so different
Sublime, surreal, subdued.
Grief strikes the bold
Cripples the relentless
Razes the many and the few

With what do we defend?
With what do we ward off
This invisible fiend, a thief
Who should not have come
This soon.

The world feels so different
Melancholy, grey and hue-less.
Silence mutes our tears
Rage shatters our silence
Memory emblazons our grief.

With what do we defend?
What company can we muster
To bring back joy; stolen
Who should not have gone
This soon.

- JF 2008 -

the world just feels different. Words do not mute my tears only make them fall harder. Your kindness gave me courage when I needed it most. If I never told you in life - may you know now - I am so thankful. I am so blessed. I am forever blessed.