Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cycle of our times

Ghosts walk here

The light fades to dusk subtly
night taking its place amongst time and turning
smoke filled memories, burning
from the day entwined with life.
ghosts walk here.

Amongs the metal trees

Footsteps fall heavily towards home
leading souls to find thier place with length and loving
shimmer painted resolution, moving
from the noise embraced with thought,
amongs the metal trees.

We are all soon to embrace

If shadows greet us when we sigh
or hands draw us in with thanks and longing
bitter sweetened revolutions, forming
inbetween the needs and wants of a tomorrow
we are all soon to embrace.


the cycle of our times

This is real life

So this is real life
Three dogs, a cat and breathe right
staying up all night
to find
the only thing wanted
is the thing you have
This is real life
Bills and stretching
ends meeting
and coloring new be-
waking in the morning
watching sleep hovering
over love
and being filled with sighs of too much
This is real life
dreading monday morning
realizing paychecks
and making it to the 15th
are temporary transportations
to a better place
which seems hardly possible
with the smiles already
This is real life
tears and frustration
midnight snacks and tie-offstration
motivation backsliding
and courage solidifying
watching 40, 50, 60 and beyond
linger at the edge of together
and this
this is real life
and I could not wish for a better
place to be.

My Never Never Land

Indecisive about age,
the moment of dreams escaping
and realities of old-ness
stealing my color,
I wrestle with forward movement.
But in the end, far be it from me
to expedite the transition
from my fair and girlish ways
Insouciant of all the cares
and woes of adult prys and mournings.
I steal my hearts skin
the emotional epidermis of lonely
and replace it with the care of
childish wishes
and will not aim my soul
magnanimously towards
the inevitable winding path
of death.
No here, I will retain
and refrain from falling into fear
and nurture the place
in me
I call brilliantly

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Darkness' embrace

the dark covers me

I sit here in the dark. Music ushering out over the skin of my soul like a warm blanket. Here in this darkness, wrapped in this comfort, I see. I see brilliant color. It moves and sways like the frame of the trance dancer enraptured by the drum and seduced by song. Full of hue and inuendo, the darkness beckons, and I am helpless to resist its temtation of dreams and longing, of vision and answer.

fear is fleeing

Though frightened by the shadows, I am filled with the hope of a reality I know only darkness brings. The dark is a patient and merciful lover, letting the mind shape what is there to see. So unlike the light, which harshly reveals its truths.

nothing but her arms

Darkness and her song - attentive lover, softly slipping between breath and heartbeat to fill me until exhaustion takes me shakingly into sleep.