Sunday, November 26, 2006

Darkness' embrace

the dark covers me

I sit here in the dark. Music ushering out over the skin of my soul like a warm blanket. Here in this darkness, wrapped in this comfort, I see. I see brilliant color. It moves and sways like the frame of the trance dancer enraptured by the drum and seduced by song. Full of hue and inuendo, the darkness beckons, and I am helpless to resist its temtation of dreams and longing, of vision and answer.

fear is fleeing

Though frightened by the shadows, I am filled with the hope of a reality I know only darkness brings. The dark is a patient and merciful lover, letting the mind shape what is there to see. So unlike the light, which harshly reveals its truths.

nothing but her arms

Darkness and her song - attentive lover, softly slipping between breath and heartbeat to fill me until exhaustion takes me shakingly into sleep.