Monday, September 17, 2007

 Get a man to do it

They have done it again!  They have suggested using a man in order to make a point with a salesman!  

Like men have been so good at solving problems (insert list of wars and atrocities commited in the name of, by, and for men!)  

I don't need a man to help me make a phone call to a sales man to tell them they were pricks and I will not be back.  I don't need a man to rescue me from the uncomfortable reality of my life!  I don't need a man or any one else to be given the power of superiority over me - and perpetuate the social mispersecption of the valuelessness of women.  

I have a voice.  So do you!
I have strength.  So do you!
I have wit, charm, and am clever.  So are you!
I have a voice....   so do you!  so use it!

In the end, what I need, what the world needs, is less women who perpetuate the bullshit of helplessness in order to placate to the ego of a centuries old patriarcal mind. 

It makes me so angry I almost want to turn around and berate the woman for suggesting to another she need to use a man in order to get her point across.  

But I won't.  I will however, bring in my latest copy of Cunt and The Dance of the Dissident Daughter for anyone and everyone to see!!

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