Sunday, October 08, 2006

Getting it together

The apartment is a mess.

I have been in my apartment since July and still it is a disaster! Finally, I have the will to move stuff around and get things up on the wall, but until today - it was white walls, boxes and an assortment of piles: bill pile, junk pile, photo pile, to do pile, forget / forgot to do pile, return a book to Jera pile ((will bring that up soon btw)), and dog pile ((which moves on a daily basis)).

After revolutions there is peace, or so sayeth the Nick Machi!

Not sure if there is any way to get the masses of dust bunnies to submit to my rule, though I do try with the broom to keep them in line. My dog is aiding them and this little civil revolution is driving me nuts. I sweep one generation of bunnies out the door and whamo they have returned AND multiplied.

Sighs are all you get when the books just don't fit.

And finally - the books. boxes and boxes of books. Some read, some not, some waiting to be reread, some waiting to be returned ((see note above about book pile)).

Ok back to assessing the damage and once again moving stuff around.